Sports Broadcast

The transmission of live sports events as a broadcast television program, either on local channels, national channels, or satellite television, is referred to as sports broadcasting. It tends to involve one or more sports analysts reporting on events as they occur. These people are often called sports anchors or sports correspondents. A sport anchor is often used when the game or event being covered is popular, as audiences expect quick and easy information regarding the event. A sport commentator who is covering a local event will generally be a local athlete in that sport.

A sports broadcast has many different segments. The first of which is the pre-game show, often hosted by a play-by-play announcer. The pre-game show features interviews and reports about the players, coaches, and fans. After the pre-game show, there will be the halftime report, which will typically be a highlights style program with interviews and critical analysis of the major points of the game or event. Other segments include post-game shows, which usually focus on press conferences, awards and honors, locker room reports, highlights of certain competitions or matches, highlights of major events, highlights from awards evenings, and more.

Within the sports broadcasting team, there are three major positions. The first position is a play-by-play or voice-over reporter. This person is on-air and reporting live from the field, or court, but not during the play itself. The play-by-play reporter is allowed to request visual or audio feeds from any source, but must remain in the commentary area. The second position is the in-field reporter, which is the literal field reporter and is allowed to do anything within the range of the play, but not reporting it.

Many sports teams have entire support staffs of on-air sports broadcasting correspondents. Some of these correspondents also work as reporters for the team and are asked to commentate live from the field or studio during the games. Other correspondents are tasked only with reporting during pregame and postgame shows, such as radio shows, interactives, and special reports. And some sports teams have in-house correspondents who specialize in one particular sport.

When sports broadcasts happen over the airwaves, regular radio host hosts provide commentaries. Other professionals who specialize in sports broadcasting can read the telecasts from their desks or work the control panel in their booth. However, sports broadcasters who are also news anchors often commentate alongside the play-by-play reporter. They call play-by-play or report live from the field.

Today, however, there are many new developments in the world of sports broadcasting. Many sports channels are airing sports broadcasts online to reach a wider audience. But most importantly, though, it is still possible to pursue this career as a game reporter, which involves relaying live sports reports directly from the field to the audience.

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